Topics to be covered in Webinar


  • Overview of the agricultural sector in India
  • Increasing interest in higher education abroad among BSc Agri graduates

Why Australia for Masters in Agriculture?

  • Reputation of Australian universities
  • Cutting-edge research and technology in Australian agriculture
  • Global recognition of Australian degrees

Introduction to Master of Economics and Resource Policy (Global Food and Agricultural Business)

  • Introduction to Ironwood & University of Adelaide
  • About the Course & pathway.

Admission Requirements

  • Academic prerequisites
  • English language proficiency tests
  • Relevant work experience or internships

Specializations and Research Areas

  • Overview of popular specializations in agricultural sciences
  • Research opportunities and facilities in Australia

Scholarships and Financial Support

  • Available scholarships for international students
  • Part-time work opportunities for financial support

Industry Connections and Networking

  • Collaborations between Australian universities and agricultural industries
  • Networking opportunities for students

Post-Graduation Employment Prospects

  • Job market for agricultural graduates in Australia
  • Pathways to work or further research after completing the Master's program

Challenges and Solutions

  • Cultural adjustments
  • Adapting to a new education system
  • Support services for international students

Success Stories

  • Profiles of Indian BSc Agri graduates who pursued Masters in Australia
  • Their achievements and contributions to the field


  • Recap of the potential benefits and opportunities for Indian BSc Agri students in pursuing Masters in Australia
  • Encouragement for aspiring students to explore this educational pathway

Speakers and Presenters

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Niranjan Phuyal

Business Development Manager at Ironwood Institute

Mr. Niranjan is a results-driven professional with diverse expertise spanning agriculture, natural resources, and international education. He is deeply passionate about contributing significantly to the fields of agriculture and international education. He holds a Master's degree in Physical Land Resources (Soil Science) from Ghent University, Belgium.

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Camilo Esparza Garcia

Agribusiness Trainer and Assessor at Ironwood Institute

Mr. Camilo is a Trainer and Agribusiness Specialist with strong data analysis, and financial skills with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability in agricultural ventures worldwide. He holds a master's degree in Global Food and Agribusiness from the University of Adelaide.